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Album released by Soft Records in 2007.

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FormatCD vinyl replica
Număr unităţi1
LabelSoft Records
Țara de provenienţăRomania

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Album released by Soft Records in 2007.

Margento is a celebration of limits, not in the sens of limitations, but in the one of converging infinities; numberless traditions, (un)traditionally. Words (i.e. paintings, songs) turn up in desert places and maybe that is why they speak to so many. Lips sealed by kissing lips sing freely. Margento is a poem, a graph, hence a translation. The language it is translated into can sometimes become the biography of the artists involved; thus it may time after time turn into a physiography of our partner-readers. Margento is a song, a confession, hence a brand new body. The pants it wears should show our craftsmanship, just as they look tight and alluring on our partner-listeners. Margento is a painting, a story, hence a stone. The wall it has been laid in is at times the language of our lives are learned, other times the sounds that pronounce our partener-onlookers.

Margento: Valentin Baicu - keyboards; Costin Dumitrache - guitars; Sorina Enea - vocals; Grigore Negrescu - picture; Chris Tanasescu - words.

Guests: Călin Grigoriu - guitars (3, 4, 6, 9, 13); Radu Dumitriu - bass (3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13); George Constantinescu - guitars (9); Juan-Carlos Negretti - percussion (3, 4, 10).

1. Hora asymptotica (video) 12:50
2. Calender 3:14
3. Hipogeul pelerinajului 3:59
4. Aceldama 4:00
5. Economy of translation - prelude 3:02
6. Ars poetica 3:25
7. Thief of Baghdad - a hypogeum 5:06
8. A camera lost in a subway station 3:15
9. Prin vamile alveolare 6:58
10. Econonomy of translation 5:38
11. Aria ramasa de calculat pana la perihorezu 3:41
12. Volvela si armilar 4:58
13. Bonustrack - hora asymptotica 12:16

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