Buricul Pamintului - Suflet Flamind - CD Vinyl Replica



Album released in 2006 by Soft Records.

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FormatCD vinyl replica
Număr unităţi1
LabelSoft Records
Țara de provenienţăRomania

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Album released in 2006 by Soft Records.

Buricul pământului: Elsis Matei - voice; Viorel Costin - guitar; Adrian Tecoanţă - drums.

The name of the band comes from a place in Sibiu, before the "restoration", in the Revolution Square. After a 4-year activity and a recorded album (10 tracks), in 1998, the Buric of the Earth was falling apart. Elsis Matei, a founding member, rebuilds the band in 2002. In 2006, the second Fleet Soul album appeared at Soft Records. The video "What a beautiful country we have", an acidic satire of the Romanian "consumer society", is broadcast by the main musical televisions and reached the 1st place in Romtop CityFM. The band disintegrated in 2008, Elsis formed Caustic and the other TAGMA band members.

1. Acasa ta 5:11
2. Ce tara frumoasa avem 3:14
3. Underground 4:44
4. in mintea mea 4:40
5. Suflet flamand 3:54
6. Rai 5:04
7. Somn 4:26
8. O ultima zi cu fata de om 4:09
9. Salut (1) 4:22
10. Salut (2) 2:40
11. Vis balcanic 5:00
12. Tara lui O. Laie (bonus video) 4:22

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