Anderson / Bruford / Wakeman / Howe - Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe - CD



Album released in 1989, reissued in 2020 by Sony.

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Album released in 1989, reissued in 2020 by Sony.

Lead Vocals - Jon Anderson; Bass, Chapman Stick Bass, Vocals - Tony Levin; Guitar - Steve Howe; Rhythm Guitar – Milton McDonald; Keyboards - Rick Wakeman; Keyboards, Vocals - Matt Clifford; Backing Vocals - Carol Kenyon, Deborah Anderson, Emerald Community Singers, Frank Dunnery, J.M.C. Singers, Tessa Niles, The Oxford Circus Singers; Vocals [Les Chanteuses] – In Seine Singers; Acoustic Drums, Electronic Drums - Bill Bruford;

1. Themes 5:58
1.i Sound 
1.ii Second Attention 
1.iii Soul Warrior 
2 Fist Of Fire 3:27
3. Brother Of Mine 10:18
3.i The Big Dream 
3.ii Nothing Can Come Between Us 
3.iii Long Lost Brother Of Mine 
4. Birthright 6:02
5. The Meeting 4:21
6. Quartet 9:22
6.i I Wanna Learn 
6.ii She Gives Me Love 
6.iii Who Was The First 
6.iv I'm Alive 
7. Teakbois 7:39
8. Order Of The Universe 9:02
8.i Order Theme 
8.ii Rock Gives Courage 
8.iii It's So Hard To Grow 
8.iv The Universe 
9. Let's Pretend 2:56

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