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Album released by Soft Records in 2005.

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FormatCD vinyl replica
Număr unităţi1
LabelSoft Records
Țara de provenienţăRomania

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Album released by Soft Records in 2005.

Margento is a crucible of arts, a reunion of poetry, painting and music whish stem out of each other, nurture, inspire each other. Although it was poet Chris Tănăsescu who started this project, Margento is not just an illustration of or an accompaniment to his works (and days). Even if sometimes the poems, the paintings and the songs are conceived in solitude and sometimes they are brought forth on stage – they always communicate, like some capillary vessels. Without aiming at regaining any ideal or original unity of all arts, Margento is a lively intertwining, a windy crossroads of various ways of expression and mostly and foremost an open complete way of dwelling together in the same experience, a recovery and awakening of the self through the other. Unswerving dedication – and the en-stasy of meditation and illumination comes along with the ec-stasy of communion and of rhythmical conjunction. No theory or ideology are involved, except that of free vivid expression and of the alchemy of artistic identities. Margento is a single body with several souls who see the world through each other.

Margento: Maria Raducanu - voice; Valentin Baicu - keyboards; Valentin Q - drums; Chris Tanasescu - words; Grigore Negrescu - picture.

1. Car Fuck 2:51
2. Cartea cu Venus 6:49
3. Mom’s Papa’s Wake 5:53
4. Ceausescu’s Thumbtacks 5:24
5. Casa surda 10:50
6. Pier Paolo Pasolini's Petroleum 5:15
7. Venus Repenting 5:08
8. Dupa apa 4:52
9. Half Hell 2:54

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