Mircea Iulian Badiu / Ştefania Elvira Antonescu - Învăţăm să desenăm - DVD



DVD released by Positive Records in 2013.

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LabelPositive Records
Țara de provenienţăRomania

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DVD released by Positive Records in 2013.

The first DVD of the "Positive Educational" series is aimed at children older than 4 years who provide a solid foundation in the world of forms and drawing. The material contains a set of lessons essential for the correct acquisition of primary drawing techniques. The DVD is built in a friendly, interactive, dynamic format, focusing on children's creativity, bringing even the elements of the immediate reality as models.
The set of drawing exercises is done by a team of pedagogues, artist Mircea Iulian Badiu and actress Ştefania Elvira Antonescu. The sound environment familiarizes the child with the classical music repertoire, providing a favorable environment for the development of his abilities.

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