Albert Hammond - Original Album Classics - 5 CD Vinyl Replica



Compilation released, reissued in 2016 by Sony.

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FormatCD vinyl replica
Număr unităţi5
Țara de provenienţăComunitatea Europeana

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Compilation released, reissued in 2016 by Sony.

CD1. The Free Electric Band
1. Smokey Factory Blues 
2. The Peacemaker 
3. Woman Of The World 
4. Everything I Want To Do 
5. Who's For Lunch Today? 
6. The Free Electric Band 
7. Rebecca 
8. The Day The British Army Lost The War 
9. For The Peace Of All Mankind 
10. I Think I'll Go That Way

CD2. It Never Rains In Southern California
1. Listen To The World 
2. If You Gotta Break Another Heart 
3. From Great Britain To L.A. 
4. Brand New Day 
5. Anyone Here In The Audience 
6. It Never Rains In Southern California 
7. Names, Tags, Numbers & Labels 
8. Down By The River 
9. The Road To Understanding 
10. The Air That I Breathe

CD3. 99 Miles From L.A.
1. 99 Miles From L.A.
2. Down By The River 
3. One Life 
4. Love Isn't Love Till You Give It Away 
5. The Face Not The Image 
6. These Are The Good Old Days 
7. Lay The Music Down 
8. Rivers Are For Boats 
9. Somebody's Happiness 
10. A Job Is A Home To A Homeless Man 
11. To All The Girls I've Loved Before

CD4. When I Need You
1. Tangled Up In Tears 
2. To All The Girls I've Loved Before
3. Kaleidoscope 
4. Rivers Are For Boats 
5. You And I 
6. 99 Miles From L.A 
7. When I Need You 
8. Cry Baby 
9. Moonlight Lady 
10. All Alone Am I

CD5. Somewhere In America
1. The Light At The End Of The Line 
2. Sweet Defector 
3. Rendezvous 
4. Shoot Em Up , Shoot Em Down 
5. Hero On Parade 
6. Oh What A Time 
7. Before You Change The World 
8. The Right Time 
9. Doe Was The Loving Kind 
10. Somewhere In America

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